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    Live casinos ensure a particularly glamorous ambience and provide an extraordinary gaming experience. The elements of an elegant casino atmosphere include the reaction speed of the croupier, handling jetons and grace in the map. In the live casino area, the player can make an absolutely fantastic and fascinating gaming experience in an authentic online casino. If you have not yet had any experience in the live casino area, you should first know what this is about and what is behind it. Thanks to Live Casino, the casino vision in your own home became a reality, which was made possible by technological development with fast internet connections and better streaming technologies.

    All the player needs at home is a PC or a mobile device as well as a stable internet connection. Playing in a live casino means that the player gets a real-time transmission from a land-based casino via live stream. Exciting card and table games are streamed directly to your home via the Internet. The transmission with HD cameras runs so that the best possible gaming experience is created and the transmission quality is guaranteed at a high level. Playing live casino creates an authentic and realistic feeling of a land -based, luxurious casino while the player is comfortable at home.

    Play live casino games online
    If you want to play casino games with real money, you basically have two options. Either the player goes to a land -based casino or a casino or he registers on an online casino on the Internet. If the player opt for the second option, he can also access the live casino games if the provider naturally has them. Here the player experiences the same atmosphere as in a real casino, since the live stream is also transmitted from a real casino in real time.

    In general, the player only needs to register with Live Casino playing at an online casino, verify his data and make a deposit to his player account. It is so quick and easy to play favorite games in the live casino. Online casinos with a valid lucky game license are serious and completely safe. This protects the player and does not have to worry about his money and data. The Live Casino Games have made a real revolution in the online casino industry and this area is enjoying rapidly increasing popularity.

    Which providers can I play live casino games?
    New online casinos with live casino appear on the gaming market. In the meantime, only a few online casinos without a live casino area venture onto the market because these games are very popular with gamers. Sometimes, however, choosing the right online casino is very difficult, but there are popular and well -known online casinos with live casino that can be a good point, including:

    • N1 Casino
    • Volcano vegas
    • Playzilla
    • Lucky Days
    • Emojino etc.

    History of the live casino games
    In the early 1990s, the live casino games were introduced on the mainstream gambling market. At that time, they worked on the basis of RNG software (random generators) to determine where the ball will end up in the roulette kettle or to mix card decks. The software had to be tested regularly by external authorities/institutions to ensure that the providers do not manipulate random results.

    The use of software at the Live Casino has meant that the players played against computers and not against real opponents. The technical development and the development of the games in the online casino led to the creation of the live casino games. There the players could finally play against real people or real dealers, depending on the type of game. So real people exhibited their cards or threw the ball into the roulette kettle. The popularity of the online casinos has increased quickly in the past two decades. Today the live casino is one of the most popular casino playing with which the players not only have fun, but with a little luck you can also win something.

    Most online casinos attract their customers with a great range of games and attractive bonus offers. There is also excellent customer service and regular special offers for existing customers. In the past, the biggest obstacle from online casinos was that they could not guarantee the same social aspects as land -based casinos. Now, however, the progress of user -friendliness and technologies have led to the social experiences of an online casino to be equal to those of a real casino. At the same time, the selection of special offers and casino games was driven to the top.

    The software developer Playtech Live Dealer Games for online casinos already offered in 2003. The provider used live videos to connect dealers and players. Since then, the online casino industry has experienced a real boom in popularity and today the live dealer games are a real hit in the online casino industry. The players benefit from the comfortable registration of home. You don’t have to worry about whether your money and cards are in safe hands.

    Thanks to a chat function, players can also communicate with other players and address questions to the dealer. Better computers, faster network speeds, technical development and the development of internet communication have made it possible for a large number of players to enjoy live dealers from home. In the meantime, the live deal area has grown into a remarkable play area.

    This is how Live Casino works
    The live casino works with a real live dealer that is filmed in a land-based casino and is streamed home in real time via live stream. The player at home either plays against real players from the land -based casino or against other real online players or against the dealers or croupiers – depending on which game is played.

    The dealer is a person who is responsible for the progress control of the respective live casino game. He is also the person responsible for mixing and distributing playing cards. All of this happens via live streaming from a stationary casino. This means that the dealer is not a computer and accordingly no RNG software is used to ensure chance when it comes to the map output.

    For many casino players, playing live casino games is completely credible. This is not surprising because the live casino is not conducted by computer -generated random results, but by real dealers. Thus, players can count on realistic probabilities at the live casino. Serious providers have a correspondingly valid gambling license and provide their live casino game offer completely legally. All games are fair and legal. In general, there is an opinion among many players that an online casino without a live casino games is uninteresting these days. Games like poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat should not be missing in the offer of the live casino games.

    The most popular live casino games
    Just like in real casinos, online casinos in the Live Casino Games column are offered the absolute classics in real time, including:

    • BlackJack: Live Blackjack inspires the fans of casino games worldwide and is a real classic in the live casino area. Here the player plays against a live dealer and the goal is to get as close as possible to the card value of 21. The card value must not be exceeded. Blackjack has a high fun factor and is really exciting.
    • Roulette: In the live casino, the first thing to do is search for roulette. Due to its numerous uses and winning opportunities, live roulette can take care of hours with the teammates and the live dealer and offer an extremely high entertainment factor.
    • Texas Hold´em: This is the most popular poker version of the whole world, which is very often played in live casinos. The game requires skill and patience, but it is easy to understand. At Texas Hold’em poker, the player has to form the best hand at the table from three community cards and two individual cards.
    • Baccarat: This game is also one of the popular card games, which is very popular in the live casino. Here, too, the player plays against the live dealer, but here the goal of the game is to reach the card value of 9.
    • Three Card Poker: This is also a card game that is made up of elements of the Poker Texas Hold´em and Poker Omaha. The game is played against the live dealer. Here is played with 3 cards on hand. The dealer must have at least a better card or a lady up to be able to participate.
    • Sic Bo: This is a play of dice in which three cubes are played. Live sic Bo is particularly common in the Casinos in the Asian area and in the USA, but this live casino game also finds more and more followers in this country. The SIC Bo play table is similar to that of a roulette table. The operations must be made before the start, and to different events.

    Caribbean Stud Poker: Stud Poker has a big difference to Poker Texas Hold´em, and there are no community cards at the Stud Poker. Here a mixture of open and hidden cards is distributed via several distributed rounds.

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