Poker is probably the world’s most popular card game ever. The poker game has always been played and now different variants of the game are in circulation. Even if there are many theories about the origin of the game, its origins are not proven.

    History of the game

    In the term poker, most probably think of smoking cowboys in salons, but the origins are even further back in history. So one of the first card games comes “Gan excitement“From the Egyptian area.

    There is also evidence that playing cards are already in 13th century in China were used. In the Persian card game “AS NAS“You can see some covers that are very similar to those of Poker. Because of this, some experts have come to the conclusion that the Persian game could be Poker’s predecessors.

    However, this theory is considered unlikely today. The history of the poker game can no longer be proven without any doubt. Poker has most likely emerged from a European card game or even over time from several different card games. As a probable origin of the poker game The throbbet mentioned in Strasbourg in 1441 Viewed, also played poch play or just Poch. Apart from the fact that the name of the game sounds similar, the rules of the game are almost the same.

    They could be understood as a simplified form of today’s poker. This makes the theory of the European origin of Poker even more credible. With the French settlers, the game moved to the USA, according to some evidence directly after New Orleans. From there, Poker is said to have spread on the east coast in 1800.

    The rapid settlement of the country is said to have had an impact on the spread of poker in the USA. Particularly during the American Civil War, some modifications of the game were created and the application of 52 playing cards decided. In the 19th century, the rules were permanently expanded and recorded for the first time in writing. Straight und Flush were introduced and the Joker Added in 1875.

    The playing style Texas Holdem gained popularity rapidly. The World Series was introduced in Las Vegas in 1970, which had a major impact on the development of poker. In the late 20th century, the game in American casinos became increasingly popular. Poker experienced another upswing after the turn of the century when tournaments were broadcast live on television and real poker stars were created. This motivated many people to play. Poker is now not only played in numerous casinos or clubs, but also in online casinos.

    Play poker online

    The once big hype about poker is no longer that big, but the card game is still one of the most popular titles in Online-Casinos And is still happy to be played online. With online poker, players have the opportunity to conveniently suitable from home at any time Game to find.

    No wonder that the online market for poker is growing especially in today’s world, of course there are big differences compared to the live game. On the one hand, the poker atmosphere is missing, which the numerous poker fans all over the world like to enjoy. The online poker also fails to the teammates. That is why online poker takes some getting used to for many. But if you stay on the ball, you get used to it quickly and will soon have great fun. In contrast to the USA, online poker in this country with or without using real money is legal in many casinos.

    Players can compete against other players from all over the world. International tournaments are often organized, in which even high profits can be expected. These tournaments provide great excitement-both for beginners and for hardcore poker fans. Nevertheless, there are so -called gray areas and dubious providers in USA. That is why poker fans who want to enjoy the game online should deal with important questions regarding security and seriousness in advance.

    Which providers can I play poker?

    Poker fans particularly like to play with real money and therefore have to register with a corresponding platform. There are different providers on the market that also differ in seriousness. When choosing a casino provider, intensive comparisons should be carried out and planned. This is the only way to view the properties and qualities of the respective provider and the correct decision can be made.

    What do I have to pay attention to when choosing the poker provider?

    • Deposit options Playing online poker with real money is legal, but the selection of trustworthy providers is still extremely important. Providers with a seat within the EU are already preferred. The question of the choice is how the players can make their deposits. Poker players can fill up with real money through traditional transfers, credit cards or digital wallets. In general, the more payment routes, the better. The PayPal payment service is ideal for such transactions. Many providers also accept the deposits via the digital wallet Neteller and Skrill. Visa and Mastercard are popular means of payment among the credit cards, while some providers also support the Diners Club card. In order to avoid the long waiting times for bank transfer, special prepaid cards such as the Paysafecard are recommended.
    • Active players Of course, the number of other users or the amount of their missions at the different tables also plays an important role. If many users frolic on a platform, this is a clear sign of seriousness. In addition, the number of players also plays an important role in the decision on how often tournaments take place. Trusted and serious platforms offer the opportunity to play around the clock. The opposite is more the case with dubious providers.
    • Bonus offers Players also have to choose between cash games and tournaments, whereby promotions offer them certain advantages. However, the conditions of such actions should be examined in order to make the best of it. While some casinos offer the usual deposit bonus, there are different actions for the other. A Welcome bonus is a good marketing instrument and therefore there is often already a free spins and bonus credit online for registration in the online casino. There should be loyalty programs with premiums for existing customers. The bonus conditions can be found quickly for reputable providers. It is therefore important for players to prefer transparent offers. Ultimately, players should see the properties of the provider as a total package to make the right decision to register.

    This is how poker works – the rules of the game

    Poker may seem somewhat confusing at first glance, but the rules are quite uncomplicated. Here the most important rules at a glance: The player has to skillfully use the aim of winning as many chips as possible. Each player gets two cards at the beginning, the so -called Hole Cards. Five of the so -called community garden are then uncovered. Each player can use them for his poker hand and combine any number of hole cards with you. A poker hand consists of five cards. As is well known, the chips come into the middle of the table or in the pot.

    What does the course of the game look like?

    One is always the dealer and this function rotates clockwise with every new round. Small blind and big blind are the two players on the left of the dealer and they put a predetermined use in the pot, whereby Big blindly basically sets twice. After the hole cards have been distributed, the player puts on the left next to Big Blind. When setting, players can choose whether to go with the previous use, increase them, fit or give up. After all missions are in the pot, three community cards are uncovered.

    The first player to the left of the dealer, who did not give up in the first round, begins the second round and the fourth community card is uncovered. So it continues until either all players have given up or there is a so -called showdown. In the first case, this player won and gets all chips. At the showdown all of their cards reveal. The best poker hand wins.

    Common strategies for the game

    In addition to the poker rules, there are also some useful strategies for the game.

    • Bluff Even if someone has bad cards, they can mislead their opponents with a bluff and achieve an advantage. For example, the player can significantly increase the use and thus pretend a good leaf. Of course, this strategy is risky and requires a certain experience. Those who look unsure have revealed themselves. Anyone who bluffs too often loses credibility. The surprise effect is decisive here.
    • Pokerface The notorious poker face naturally goes hand in hand with the bluff. So the teammates cannot recognize whether they are deceived or not. Inexperienced players have a hard time keeping a poker face. That’s why some players wear hats or sunglasses.
    • Pay attention to signals If you watch your opponents, you can see from the face whether you have a good or bad leaf. Of course, players must also be able to recognize a bluff.
    • All-in All-in is a good strategy if the player has insufficient chips or wants to pretend a strong leaf. So he continues to take part in the mirror round and can only win as many chips from the opponent as he had used them himself. The remaining players play for the other missions that are collected in a side pot.

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