Megaway’s games

    Megaway’s games are highly innovative slots that work based on a groundbreaking mechanism. This mechanism has the world of online Slot machine changes. The games of megaways such as genius jackpots, extra chilli and bonanza as well as many others are very popular among the gamers, as they offer a fantastic gaming experience and a great potential for profit. Behind the development of Megaway’s slot machines is the well -known game provider Big Time Gaming.

    Megaway’s slots are games with a special shoot that enable great winnings and a lot of action. These games are among the most popular in all online casinos in which they can be found. Compared to conventional slot machines with a fixed payline, Megaways brings the gameplay to the next level at the slot machine and offers one unprecedented number of winning opportunities. The number of theoretical paylines is the most important difference between the games of megaways and other games.

    How do Megaway’s games work?

    As already explained, the winning opportunities for Megaways play on a different profit line concept than in other games. That was also the main goal of Big Time Gaming – more action and larger profits. And that has succeeded with great success!

    Traditional slot machines have an unchangeable number of profit routes and these always remain the same in the course of the game. Playing with MegaWays, the result of every round is not predictable because you Up to 117,649 paylines be available. The exact number of profits is calculated at the end of each round and the result is displayed in a golden field that is located above the roller. The round is calculated in such a way that the number of symbols of the individual roller is multiplied.

    The number of symbols on each roller varies and changes constantly, whereby each roller can display 2 to 7 symbols. From roller 1 to 6, the different number of symbols displayed is multiplied and the exact number of each round is displayed via the roller in the field mentioned. The MegaWays number varies with every spin and if the maximum number of symbols are displayed on all rollers, you will reach the max. Number of lines. As a rule, there are 117,649 paylines. However, there are some Megaways slots, such as Flower Fortunes, which also offer a larger number of paylines.

    The most popular games

    If you are already a gambler, you probably already had the opportunity to play experience with the megaways. If not, you will definitely want to look around for this, since almost everyone wants to look at the number of payline options mentioned. Megaways have some games on offer and sometimes it is really difficult to identify only some of them as the most popular. But I try with extra chilli, bonanza megaways, genius jackpots and who is getting a millionaire.

    • Bonanza Megaways: This is a gold mines slot with a rapid and very brisk design as well as expressive music. The functions and symbols also offer a lot of explosive. Free spins are something very special here, as they also have unlimited multipliers.
    • Extra Chile: Here you experience the Mexican market feeling with various colored chilli as symbols. With SCatter icon, you can unlock even more free spins at Extra Chili and also multiply your winnings.
    • Genie Jackpots: This slot machine takes you into the distant and mysterious Orient. This game is intended for serious gamers and particularly high scooters will be enthusiastic about this slot, as they can make spectacular profits here.
    • Who will be a millionaire: The program of the same name certainly knows everyone. The developers of Big Time Gaming made the same concept when they proudly presented the interactive bonus slot machine. You don’t have to answer any questions here, just boost the rollers and hope for profits.

    Common bonus features

    I have already mentioned the large number of paylines several times that can bring you big profits. The number of paylines can change at any time and every minute on the slot machines can be more exciting than ever before. These are the basics of playing Megaways, but of course Big Time Gaming has not satisfied itself. So arise Bonus functions such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild cards and other extras Additional opportunities for more profits. These bonus features can be used more frequently and faster through the special concept of megaways.

    • Free spins There are an infinite number of slots and they can be activated again and again. In addition, the multipliers are in strong connection with the free spins, where your profits are multiplied and increased accordingly. The multipliers can rise, the more free spins played and the more profit symbols appear on the rollers.
    • The Avalanche feature (Avalanche function) ensures that the symbols fall on the rollers instead of turning. Then the prize symbols explode and disappear so that there is enough space for another symbol avalanche, in which further profits can be achieved. The Avalanche feature continues for so long, except for the rollers, no new profits appear.

    Where can I play Megaway’s games?

    You can in almost all serious the games from Megaways Online game stores Find where Big Time Gaming is involved in the game portfolio. Many operators of online casinos have completed a license from Big Time Gaming in recent years in order to be able to record the Megaway’s slot machines in their own offer. In recent years, the number of active players has increased enormously. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find an online casino with the megaways, because due to the very high number of paylines and the various bonus functions, it is very popular games among gamers.

    Megaway’s games overview

    The Megaway’s games were presented to the public in the form of the Goldmine slot machine Bonanza in 2016. This slot has influenced the world of slot machines enormously. The successors of Bonanza Megaway’s slots were extra chilli, who will be a millionaire and genius jackpots. So far, these slot machines are among the most successful in the Megaways series. The huge success of Megaways resulted in a variety of megaway’s games. So as a player you can look forward to a large selection of games.

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