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Today you will find many Online game stores On the market that offer a wide variety of games. It is particularly difficult for the game stores to win new customers at this time, because the games do not always meet the 100 % taste of the players. The simplest means is usually a generous welcome bonus and subsequent bonuses to bind the customers. But what types of the game store bonus are there and what do the terms with which the bonus are advertised? After we have presented the different bonuses for you, we will show you the best online casino with the best bonus that you can currently find on the Internet.

The online game store bonus

Here you will find a list of all bonuses that offer you the different game stores. There is often a combination between different bonuses. So you can regularly find a combination of welcome bonus and free spins.

  • Welcome bonus: The welcome bonus rewards you for your first deposit and can be found in almost every game library.
  • Bonus without deposit: Here you can already get a bonus for your registration and you don’t have to make a deposit.
  • Cashback: In some casinos you will find the cashback bonus. At the amount of your losses, the bonus that you will then receive is calculated.
  • Reload Bonus: This bonus is aimed at your further deposits and also rewards them.
  • Free Spins: Free spins are offered in numerous game stores. You can get this either for your registration or deposit.

The 10 best bonuses

In the following list, you will find the 10 best game stores that we could find on the Internet. These are particularly characterized by moderate sales conditions and customer friendliness.

1. Hyperino

at Hyperino You get 10 free spins for your first deposit for your Slot machine Royal Seven XXL free. The best thing about it is that you do not have to consider any sales conditions here. The only restriction that applies that you have to gamble the free spins within 3 days. That should actually be possible. Once you have registered there, new offers await you every day from which you can benefit. The cash spins for the various slots are very popular here, which you can already get for a deposit from 10 euros.

2. Drücklück

at Push A welcome bonus of up to 50 $ and an additional 50 free spins await you. You have to do the bonus on the popular Book of Dead Implement 30 times within 30 days. The maximum use is 10 percent and must be at least 0.10 euros. In addition, you will find daily campaigns, tournaments or a whole year at Drücklück. More than 2,000 different games make it particularly easy for you to find the game that suits you. It should be noted here that you can only apply for the welcome bonuses in the connected game stores within 72 hours.

3. PlatinCasino

Only for your registration is available in PlatinCasino Already 20 free spins. You do not have to make a deposit. From a minimum deposit amount of 10 euros, you will receive a bonus that can be up to 100 euros. Incidentally, the Platincasino is one of the first online game stores in which you can also make your deposit via Apple Pay. To claim the welcome bonus, simply use the Bonuscode Welcome. By the way, as a registered customer, you will get other advantages. So you are offered many competitions and special campaigns or bonus offers that you can also use without deposits.

4. Karamba

With your deposit Karamba Can you look forward to a 100 percent bonus that can be up to 200 euros. In addition, 100 free spins await you. These are staggered and are granted on the first three deposits. You have to implement the deposit bonus and the profits from the free spins 35 times before you can have them paid out. For this you get 21 days. The minimum deposit is 10 euros. The free spins refer to the first three deposits. For your first deposit, you will receive 20 free spins, for the second and third deposit again 40 free spins.

5. Lapalingo

at Lapalingo You can even expect a 100% bonus that can be up to 500 euros. In addition, there are 20 free spins and 10 $ without a deposit. Use the code Welcome when registering and try your luck with Starburst. In addition, you will find many bonuses for existing customers and weekly tournaments in this online game library.

To get the welcome bonus, you have to deposit at least 10 $ and implement the sum 35 times. Only then can you apply for the payment. If you apply for this beforehand, all bonus payments and the profits earned expire. Incidentally, Lapalingo is known for a particularly quick payment and also for the fact that the payout rates are more than 95%.

6. Congratulations

With the bonus code FD100, you will receive your registration Kashima City a 100 percent deposit bonus up to a total of 200 euros. This applies from a deposit of 10 euros. So your first deposit is simply doubled. You now have to implement the preserved bonus 48 times so that you can have it paid out later. The Drops & Wins campaign is currently being offered, where you can win thousands of cash prizes every day.

7. Mr. Green

Mr. Green Most players will already be known because of the TV advertising that you can see more and more. There is a special welcome package here. There is a 100 percent bonus on your first deposit, which can be up to 100 euros. If you pay at least 20 euros, there are 100 free spins again on top. The bonus money from the Free Spins must now be implemented 35 times within 30 days. The regular bonus must also be implemented 35 times, but there is no time limit.

A great offer that is also aimed at recreational players. Mr. Green is known for high -quality games and is also characterized by the excellent support. You can find more than 1,000 games from a wide variety of providers here and you can also use the offer via the app. Here, too, you can still find more than 100 slots where you can try your luck.

8. Wunderino

You want to start small but not do without a great bonus? Then look Wunderino once on. Here you get a 400 percent bonus that can be up to 40 $ and gave another 30 free spins. So pay 10 $ and start immediately with 50 euros. Wunderino counts as particularly trustworthy and even has a TÜV certificate. But your second and third deposit will also be rewarded in this online game library. Here you can expect a 100% bonus of up to 200 $ for your second deposit and a 50% bonus for your third deposit, which can be up to 500 euros.

9. Dunder

You can already get to your registration Dunder 20 free spins for free. You do not have to make a deposit. Your first deposit will then be rewarded with a 100 percent bonus that can be up to 250 euros. In addition, there are another 100 free spins. You can use your 20 free spins at the Slot Book of Dead. To receive the deposit bonus, you have to deposit at least 20 euros. Within 30 days you have to implement your preserved bonus and deposit 30 times. The maximum use per game is 5 euros. If you can’t do it in the given time, all profits expire.

10. Ares

at Ares you get a particularly high bonus for your deposit. The 400 percent bonus can be up to 2,000 euros. And this only applies to the first deposit. The second to seventh deposit is also rewarded on request and is between 100 and 200 percent. Depending on the deposit height, the bonus can also be between 500 and 1,000 $ for further deposits. In this way, you can apply for a total of up to 5,000 euros.

The advantages and disadvantages of the bonuses

In almost every game library you will find a bonus and mostly this is a welcome bonus. This is very different and is linked to a wide variety of conditions. At this point we do not want to compare the different bonuses, but show you what the advantages and disadvantages of the bonuses are. This is how you can best recognize whether the use is worthwhile for you or whether you prefer to do without it. Because the use of a bonus does not always make sense, as you can recognize immediately.

The advantages

The advantages are obvious. With a bonus you get additional money or free spins to put the game library through its paces. For example, if you are offered a 100% bonus, your deposit will simply be doubled to a certain amount. So your financial risk drops a little. However, almost all bonuses are linked to certain conditions that you have to meet so that you can have your profits earned with it later.

Particularly noteworthy here is the bonus of the online game library Hyperino. The bonus is not linked to any conditions and you can have your winnings that you earn with the free spins. But the push and platinum casino must also be mentioned here. Here the bonus conditions are quite easy to cope with and recreational players can also meet this without any problems.
Now we come to the disadvantages that you have to accept when you claim a bonus.

The disadvantages

No online game library really has something to give away. For this reason, the bonus is also linked to certain conditions. As a rule, you have to implement the preserved bonus several times in a certain time so that a payment can occur later. In some game stores you only have to implement the bonus several times, in others the bonus and your deposit.

So if you get a bonus of 50 $ and have to implement this 40x, this means for you that you have to use 2,000 euros. It is important to note the deadline that is specified and the condition that the bonus cannot usually be used in all games. As a rule, you can try your luck in the slots in the casino. If you do not fulfill the bonus conditions in the end, not only your preserved bonus, but also all profits achieved with it expires. This can be particularly bitter if you were really lucky and then suddenly everything is gone.

Spielotheken bonuses that do not require a deposit

There are a few casinos on the market where you can get either free spins or the so -called No Deposit Bonus for your registration. This says that you have one Online game stores bonus without deposit Get and test the game library with the gift. This can only be used in certain games, but why shouldn’t you try your luck with money gave? If you find such a game library, you should definitely register there. If you do not make any profits, you have not lost your own money either. This cannot cause you damage.

What is a game store bonus anyway?

The game store bonus can be quite different depending on the game library. Most of the time you get either free spins or additional money on your deposits. The additional money is available either on your first deposit (welcome bonus) or further deposits (reload bonus). The free spins are particularly popular and you can usually use them on a wide variety of slots. Some online casinos also offer you a combination of welcome bonus and free spins. So you have the opportunity to play longer and get to know the game library.

With the bonus, the game library would like to draw attention to itself, which is why it is not uncommon for you to offer bonuses of 1,000 $ and more here. The game library would like to lure new customers. But be sure to pay attention to the bonus conditions, which are sometimes quite difficult to meet. Therefore, you should get used to always studying the terms and conditions. Because the bonus conditions are also listed here. So you can decide whether the offer is worth it for you or whether you should do without it.

What about the bonus conditions?

So that you first become aware of a casino, you will find a wide variety of offers in the online casino. Although these are often welcome to attract new players, you can often find bonus campaigns for existing customers. These are intended for you to stay true to the casino when you have started playing here. But of course the game library also secures itself a little so that the possible losses are not too high. Because nobody has anything to give away. For this reason, there are also corresponding conditions for almost all bonuses.

The sales conditions

The bonus conditions are rules that must be observed so that you can have your bonus and the profits made with it later. Here it is regulated in which time you have to implement the bonus amount or/or your deposit. Before you can apply for a payment, you have to implement the bonus amount several times. How often that has to be varies depending on the game library. The time that is given to you can also differ depending on the online game library.

In addition, you are usually given in which games the sales conditions apply. This means that the games are evaluated differently and some can even be completely excluded from the bonus conditions. Slots are usually valued 100 percent here. Here you should make sure that you are really able to meet them in the specified period. If you have to implement a bonus of 500 $ 50 times in the end, as a recreational player you will encounter real problems. So there are three things to consider in the bonus conditions:

  • At which games can you implement the bonus?
  • How much time is given to you?
  • How often do you have to implement the bonus?
  • Do you also have to implement your deposit?

Not all games are assessed immediately

As already mentioned, not all games are scored in the online game stores. Even if it seems a little complicated at first glance, it is very simple. If a game is scored 100 percent, you have to implement the bonus amount as often as specified at the respective game. If the slot is counted 100 percent and you have to implement the bonus amount 35 times, then you have to play through it 35 times on the slot. If another game is only valued at 10 percent, you have to play the bonus amount 350 times in this case. Of course, that makes the whole thing a little lengthy.

It is easy to explain why the missions on the slots are usually counted at 100 percent. With the slots, the house advantage is larger, which means that your chances of winning are lower.

Free spins must also be implemented

Some casinos also give free spins as a bonus. These are also subject to certain terms and conditions that must first be met. They are often bound to certain slots and the profits you make have to be implemented several times so that you can have them paid out later. However, there are a few casinos in which the free spins are free of sales.

The validity

The validity is another point that you should definitely consider. Because this is about how much time you are given to meet the sales conditions. These vary between 7 and 30 days. During this time you now have the task of fulfilling the given conditions. If you do not do this, not only the bonus and your deposit will expire, all profits achieved with it also expire.

For this reason, you should also consider your deposit closely. Because if you have to implement a 1,000 $ bonus 48 times, you have to implement 48,000 $ in the specified time. Certainly this cannot be done for every player. To get to know the game library, it is sometimes advisable to start with small amounts. Use the welcome offer and first pay the minimum deposit.

Do you have to use a game store bonus?

There is no obligation to use the bonus and you can freely choose whether you want to use it. If you want to receive your profits immediately, you can do without a bonus. To get to know the game library, this is certainly a good alternative.

Does a game store bring bonus anything at all? If so, who?

The bonus is always interesting if you want to get to know the casino. So you can look around in peace and test the different games. As a beginner, this can be profitable because you have to use little of your own money. So the bonus can be very useful. Old rabbits often refrain from a bonus and play directly with their money, as they can be paid out immediately without having to observe the profits without having to observe.

Bonus of the month

Citing the best bonus is not quite as easy because every player has his preferences. The Hyperino bonus should be emphasized. For your first deposit, you get 10 free spins that are not linked to any walks. You can have profits that you achieve here immediately or use it for other games.

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