Roulette im Internet

As a classic, roulette was of course not missing in an online game library. The selection of providers was accordingly large.

Since October 15, 2020, game stores that strive for a American license, unfortunately no longer offer casino or live dealer games, because this against the provisional Gambling State Treaty would violate.

List of online casinos that still offer roulette

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Gambling has been enjoying great and steadily growing popularity for a long time. One of the best known and most traditional games of chance is roulette that is no longer just in classic casinos, but also from home or on the go in Online game stores can be played.

In and of itself, roulette is not difficult to understand and that is why it is probably so popular. If you take a closer look at the game, you will also see that there is much more behind it than you suspect at first. Knowing all aspects and tricks certainly does not affect personal chances of winning.

In any case, we have dealt with roulette in detail and hope to be able to bring you closer to the world’s best -known gambling in the following.

Roulette – a success story from France or from USA?

There are many myths about the emergence of roulette and it is not uncommon for the French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662) to be named as inventor. However, it is important to differentiate, because Pascal may attach the development of the roulette machine to the lapel, but the game itself probably does not come from France at all. Rather, there are some things that an original version was created in USA in the 17th century. The origin will probably never be clarified completely. However, it can be assumed that the wheel of the Fortuna, the Greek goddess of happiness and fate played a role.

The fact that the roots are often located in France is also due to the popularity of the game at the time of Louis XV. (1710 – 1774), who was the first, but not the only ruler, even tried to ban roulette. Although bans were actually actually implemented and roulette was only allowed to be played in casinos, the game developed on the one hand and, on the other hand, became increasingly popular. So roulette gradually spread around the world, with different versions developed in the course of it.

Among other things, there was also an American roulette with 38 numbers and a American version, which was also called boules, with only 18 numbers, ultimately only a European or French and an American style of play were able to prevail. The European variant is widespread and in large parts of the world, apart from the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and South America, is the number one.

With the advent of the online game stores at the end of the 20th century, players on the Internet usually have or have the free selection between the European and American variant. In addition, there were numerous other versions online with more or less significant deviations on the two popular forms of roulette.

If online roulette was a rather sterile thing in the early days of the Internet, the further development of technology has developed live casinos, with which the atmosphere of a real casino can be brought into your own four walls. Translations from a studio ensure high level of play, which also includes the opportunity to get in touch with the croupier with a chat.

This is how roulette works – rules of the game and basic principles

If there is talk of roulette, the now many different play methods mean the European variant in most cases, on which we want to concentrate below. But later we will also go into the American version, which also has a long tradition and which is played the second most common.


On a double or simple table, of which in the classic casino only the number of croupiers and possible teammates depends, the roulette machines, which are also called kettle, the fields of application in the form of a green tableau and the ball are the central components of a roulette game.
The roulette machine is a rotatable, rotating disc with the numbers 0 to 36. While the zero (Zéro) is kept in green, 18 of the other numbers are red or black. The same numbers in the same colors can also be found on the tableau.
Each player meanwhile has so -called jetons, who are to be used as a commitment and who can be purchased in advance for money. Online the jetons are also referred to as roulette chips or casinochips, which may also be used for other games of chance.


The croupier, also called dealer, calls on “Faites Vos Jeux” (“Make your game/your games”) to place the teammates to place the operations for the upcoming round. The player can then either put his jetons on the tableau himself or ask the croupier by naming the desired number or number group. It is important to consider a minimum and maximum defined at each table.

Now the croupier throws the ball into the rotating roulette machine. At this point, operations can continue to be placed. But that changes with the announcement “Rien ne va ” (“Nothing works.”) Of the dealer. From that moment on, the players only have to wait and hope that the ball will remain on a suitable number, which will then be the winning number.

All teammates who rely on the right number have won. In addition, there are also numerous other winning opportunities in the form of colors, number groups or straight or odd numbers. We are devoting ourselves closer to these opportunities.

The different betting options

A basic distinction is made between types of betting with simple and multiple opportunities. In the case of simple opportunities, the winning rate is 1: 1, which means that there is double use. Easy opportunities are bets on red or black, on straight (pair) or odd number (impair) as well as low (manque, numbers 1 – 18) or high (fit, numbers 19 – 36). The chance of winning is 48.6 percent taking into account the possible zero.

For multiple opportunities There are some options with prospects of different heights. The easiest way to understand is the bet on one of the 37 numbers. With a chance of 2.70 percent, the payout rate is 35: 1 – in the event of success, there is therefore 35 for a jeton.

By relying on two neighboring numbers (Cheval) with a jetone, the chances of winning to 5.40 percent can be doubled with a not twice payout rate of 17: 1. With a chance of winning 8.10 percent and a payout rate of 11: 1, it is also possible to tap a cross row (transversal fine) or the first three numbers 0, 1 and 2 (Les Trois Premiers).

Combination of four different numbers (Carré or Les Quatre Premiers) increase the chance of winning with a reduced payout rate from 8: 1 to 10.80 percent. With six different numbers (transverse simple), the chance of a profit then increases to 16.20 percent, while the payout rate drops to 5: 1.

With a payout rate of 2: 1 and a chance of winning 32.40 percent, it can finally be typed for twelve numbers. There are two options: Either you choose the normal episode of 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 (Douzaines) or for a vertical series (Colonnes; 1, 4, 7, etc.).

A special feature is the rule “en prison”, in American: in prison. This applies in the event of simple chances if the ball ends up on the zero. In this case, the missions are not lost in the case of false bets, but are only blocked. If the original bet then opens in the next round, the assignment will be released again, but there is no profit. If the ball ends up on the zero, this game is repeated. With the third zero in a row, however, the assignment would finally be gone. Likewise, if the original bet is lost in the second round.

One player relies on red, but the ball ends up on the zero. The use is now blocked and paid back if red choosing in the next round. The use would be lost in black.

The house advantage

An important term in roulette is the house advantage, which ensures that in the long run the bank or “the house” will always win. Because the distribution rate is never 100 percent, but is always reduced by this house advantage by a single -digit percentage.

The house advantage is primarily ensured by the zero, which is not included in the calculation of the profit rates, but of course actually plays a role. For example, the house advantage for betting is 2.70 percent of the multiple chances, with simple opportunities, taking into account the “EN-PRison rule” at least 1.35 percent.


It should be noted before the start of the game that there is a minimum insert at each roulette table, from which the maximum use can also be derived. Depending on the type of competition, this is different. The basis for the calculation is that with a bet a maximum of 1200 times the minimum use can be obtained.

With a table with a minimum insert of one euro, the maximum profit is just as much as 1,200 $ as well as the maximum use in the case of simple opportunities. For bets to twelve different numbers, the maximum use is reduced to 600 $ with a payout rate of 2: 1.

The American variant

Ultimately, the American variant is only a modification of the original, from Europe. The main difference is that at American Roulette In addition to the 18 red and 18 black numbers and a green zero, there is also a green double zero.

The cause of this expansion was probably that the American casino operators was not large enough for the house advantage of European Roulette. Due to the introduction of the double zero, it doubled from 2.70 to 5.26 percent, which ends up with the bank, especially in the long term. In the course of the introduction of the double zero, which does not differ from the normal zero from its functioning, the numbers were also arranged in the boiler. In addition, individual numbers in the European variant have a different color than in the American. For example, the number 26 is not black as in Europe, but red.

Other minor deviations, such as the loss of the European rule “en Prison”, also contribute to the fact that the bank wins more often in the American variant.

Strategies, tips & tricks – better chances of winning roulette

Anyone who sits down at a roulette table must be aware that the bank usually wins in the long term. Of course, this does not rule out that at the end of the day he can still take a whopping profit. Because it is a gambling, you are dependent on chance and unfortunately cannot apply strategies that will surely lead to a profit. A classic such as the Martingale system with a constant doubling of use with simple opportunities up to a profit can work, however, also includes risks.

However, the personal chances of winning can be significantly increased, taking into account a few aspects. You should make sure that the European Roulette variant is played with only a zero and thus a higher payout rate. Likewise, you should only sit down at a table with the EN-PRison rule, which halves the house edge with simple bets from 2.70 percent to 1.35 percent.

Basically, as with any other gambling, you should only play with money even with roulette, the loss of which can be cope with. Under no circumstances should money be set that is needed for everyday life. Otherwise, a vicious circle quickly threatens.

FAQ-frequent questions about online roulette

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