Dolphins Pearl

    Pearls – to this day, researchers are puzzling how such jewelry can form far below the surface of the sea in mussels. For thousands of years, divers have been looking for the valuable jewelry across the globe. On the other hand, you don’t even have to leave your apartment, but you can conveniently over the Novoline classic Do dolphins pearl. Without diving goggles, oxygen bottle and wetsuit, simply by desktop calculator, tablet or smartphone.

    Can you play Dolphins Pearl for free?

    Every Serious online casino gives you the opportunity to test Dolphins Pearl for free in demo mode, so of course all casinos in our overview. With some platforms, however, you have to one free account Create before you can start playing. In the following Online-Casinos Can you dolphins pearl for free And play for real money:

    What operations are possible with Dolphins Pearl?

    Dolphins Pearl is one of the Arcade par excellence from the Home Novoline. The slot is ideal for your first steps into the world of Slot machine to go. Accordingly entry -level are also the possible missions. Even at 1 cents per payline and shooting, most casinos start. If you want to play all 10 paylines, that’s only 10 cents per shoot. The maximum insert is usually 2 $ per line and rotation, deviations can be in any Novoline Online Casino give.

    What is the payout rate at Dolphins Pearl?

    However, the high operations pay each other, because Dolphins Pearl pours almost all the sums made back to his players. With a Distribution rate of over 95% the slot belongs to the The most generous online slot machine In general, in isolated casinos, the quota even exceeds 97%. No comparison with the measly 70%with which you have to expect in stationary arcades.

    What is Dolphins Pearl about?

    Dolphins Pearl is one Classic slot machine with five reelson which three fields are visible. Up to twelve different symbols appear in these fields. The goal of Dolphins Pearl is to place up to five equal symbols on a payline, of which you can switch on up to ten. Then, depending on the type of symbol, you can lift the large pearl treasure from the depth.

    The symbols of Dolphins Pearl are divided into six card and six special symbols. The value of the card symbols is already aligned with the 10-fold use in the French sheet from 9 high to the king and the Ass. King and Ass. King and Ass. This is followed by the animals of the underwater world, i.e. the two fish symbols, the seahorse and lobster and ray, the latter even throw that in a direct hit of five symbols on the payline 750-profession and wine ab.

    However, even more important are the dolphin giving the slot and of course the pearl in the shell. Of the Dolphin is the wild symbol And works like a joker by replacing missing symbols on a payline. At the same time, the profit doubles if you meet a combination with a wild symbol. Of course you can also find a fifth combination of dolphins on a payline, then you will receive it 9,000 times the use return.

    The pearl mussel is that Scatter-Symbol. If she appears three times indiscriminately on the rollers, thus triggering 15 free spins in which everyone is tripled.

    Are there free spins at Dolphins Pearl?

    To the Free spins Receiving at Dolphins Pearl must appear at least three pearl mussels when shooting on the rollers. Where, it doesn’t matter, because the effect of the scatter symbols is unlocked independently of the paylines. If three mussels appear, you first come to 15 free spinsthat work just like the normal shoots.

    However, the cash register rings correctly, because every profit that you get in the free spins is tripled. And that’s not all, because even within the free spins the pearl mussel can appear and then you Even more free spins bring in.

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