Who does not know the charm, the scratch -in at a petrol station or a kiosk shortly before paying? The prospect of quick profit is tempting and still encourages many people to buy a hopeless lucky. In the meantime, the world of scratch -up has even expanded and extended to the Internet, which in this regard offers far more options than one at classic sales outlets.

    Rubbellosis – what is that actually?

    Rubbellos is ultimately nothing more than a certificate of participation in an immediate lottery. In this regard, there is also no difference between the classic ruby roses in paper shape and modern online rubbellos.

    Anyone who acquires a scratch of scratch is directly involved in the immediate lottery and will be informed about a profit within a few moments. There is no waiting period, such as in the lottery to draw the respective happiness.

    Rather, the freely rubbing of the playing fields on the scratch of the scratch can be determined directly whether it is a winningless or a rivet. The variant is widespread that three equal sums of money, characters or symbols have to be freely rubbed in several fields to win. The exact rules and profit conditions are printed in a classic scratch. In the case of onlineless, the lottery conditions can also be called up and viewed at any time.

    If you were lucky, you can usually pick up a profit achieved with a classic scratch of scratch where the lot was bought. The lottery organizer can also pay high profits in a different way, such as by bank transfer. In the case of online scratch roses, the profit payment is normally automatically carried out. In Online game stores a scratch of scratch is usually credited to the customer account.

    Protection options with scratchless

    An important reason for the popularity of scratch cards are those compared to other lotteries such as the traditional lottery 6 out of 49 high chances of winning. It is not uncommon for every third or part of the second to get a win. Although the profits are often rather low, but for motivation to buy scratch cards again next time, even fewer $ will contribute.

    The exact chances of winning are different from lottery to lottery. In relation to the main prize, however, one can roughly assume profit opportunities in the range of 1: 100,000 to 1: 5,000,000. In relation to this, if you use the prospect of a direct hit in the Lotto 6 out of 49, which are 1: 140 million, the better chances with scratchless roses quickly become clear.

    Of course, there are also scratched cards with lower and with higher chances of winning. In this context, it is an argument for playing on the Internet that the payout rate for online scrubbellos is usually over 95 percent and thus significantly higher than with scratch-ups at the kiosk.

    The best scratch cards – an overview

    Basically, it is not very easy to name the best under many scratchless. Because a lot depends on the personal preferences. So there are people who prefer to play with small efforts and others who prefer to buy an expensive lot, but also have better or higher chances of winning. And yet there are some scratched cards that stand out positively from the masses. Unsurprisingly, this is primarily online-rubbellosis that have a significantly higher payout rates compared to the loose buyer at the kiosk.

    Anyone who attaches great importance to the highest possible main prize is correct with “25 mega fat years” with a maximum 3.1 million euros. In contrast, “Tic Tac Toe” with a high chance of winning is 1: 3, but also a lot of small prices of 0.50 $ or 1.00 $ and a maximum profit of only 1,000 euros, which is 50 times in the lottery pot.

    Due to the large selection of different scratch roses, it is always recommended to think about what you want and to deal with the individual options.

    Play scratch -up online – that’s how it works

    Playing scratch -up online is not difficult. Before the decision for a specific lottery is made, the rules applicable should be read carefully. Even if it may be itchy in your fingers, you should take the time right away and you should not rub off any lot immediately.

    It can also make sense to try different scratch cards in a free free play mode. No profits are then possible, but the different lots can be tested without financial risk. In this way, it can often be found that certain scratched roses fit better or worse with your own ideas.
    If there is no account with an online casino or another provider of ruby-on, you can also deal with the welcoming bonus lucrative from player.

    In many places it is possible to take a bonus as a new customer that is often linked to a first deposit, but sometimes also granted in the form of a no-deposite bonus without deposit.
    Regardless of a bonus, the decision for a provider and a certain scratch is made, everything else is self -explanatory.

    Usually after buying or buying, the respective scratch of scratch can be freely rubbed by mouse, which increases the fun factor and thrill. If it should be quick, all fields can also be uncovered with one click. It is immediately apparent whether you have to get annoyed or look forward to a profit.

    The best providers of scratch -up on the Internet

    Since October 15, 2020, online game stores, which are striving for a American license, unfortunately no longer offer casino or live dealer games, as this against the provisional Gambling State Treaty would violate.

    More success with scratchless – tips and strategies

    Success with scratch cards is of course a matter of luck. However, the chances of winning can be increased somewhat. For example, by specifically selecting scratch cards with high probabilities of winning. Although these lots are usually more expensive, winning with an expensive lot is certainly the better alternative than losing a small effort.

    It is also advisable to stay with the same lottery when buying several scratch cards. Mathematically, the chance of winning increases with the growing number of loosening a series.

    A very important tip concerns the right time to end the game. This can have come when a comparatively high profit has been made. Because the likelihood of outdoing it is correspondingly low. The stop signal also makes sense if you are in the middle of a losing streak. After all, luck is well known that you cannot force you.

    FAQ – frequent questions about ruby

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