The Internet stands for speed in many ways. Also in terms of money transfer, because to buy online, but then to pay cumbersome via bank transfer, has definitely long since fallen out of time. Instead, some modern opportunities for second -fashioned payment have developed on the Internet since the turn of the millennium. Not everyone could establish themselves, but some have long been the standard. Skrill can certainly be classified in the latter category. We want to devote ourselves to this so-called e-wallet, an electronic wallet.

    What is Skrill? Information and facts about the payment provider

    Skrill was launched in London in 2001, but at that time still under the name Moneybookers. Since 2013, the payment service has officially operated under the names Skrill, which was also related to some takeovers of the company. Since 2015, the former Skrill Group has been a 100 percent of the Paysafe Group, which also has other modern payment methods such as the Paysafecard and Neteller in the portfolio.

    Over time, not only the name changed, but also on the service there were changes. Initially still created as a pure prepaid system, payments can now also be made via Skrill account without the Skrill account being charged beforehand. This works, for example, by depositing a credit card or a bank account, which is then burdened by Skrill. In this case, Skrill only acts as an intermediate step, analogous to PayPal.

    Of course, the Skrill account can continue to be charged and that the prepaid payment form is used. In the meantime there is also a prepaid mastercard that acts as a credit card, but is directly used to the existing Skrill credit. A Skrill account is closely linked to the email address. Further personal data is not absolutely necessary for the money transfer. In this way, money can also be sent to e-mail addresses with which no Skrill account has so far been registered. The recipient can only withdraw this money if a Skrill account is also opened. While payment processes are free of charge at an online shop or online casino, for many other processes, including the payment of credit fees that Skrill ultimately serve to finance.

    Security & seriousness

    You don’t have to worry about the security and seriousness of Skrill. Although it has long been active on the market, no gaps have become known so far. Rather, since 2013, Skrill has even described itself as a means of payment tested by the TÜV and bear a corresponding seal. That alone is a clear sign that it is an absolutely reliable provider. The fact that Skrill follows all security guidelines, for example, in terms of authentication and mostly even exceeds the common standards, should not go unmentioned.

    Online payments with Skrill

    Unlike a few years ago, it is no longer necessary to pay credit to the Skrill account in order to be able to use Skrill as a means of payment. Today it is sufficient to store and verify other payment methods. Then it is paid online via Skrill, but Skrill gets the money, which is ultimately only designed, directly from the specified credit card or from the stored bank account.

    A Skrill account can still be used as a prepaid payment form. To do this, the Skrill account must first be charged. If you now pay with a Skrill account in an online shop, the existing credit is reduced accordingly.

    A – and withdrawals at Skrill

    A skrill account can be charged in various ways. Classic by bank transfer and credit card, but also via Giropay, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung, Klarna, Trustly or with bitcoins, a money transfer to Skrill is possible. The fees are to be observed, which are now due to all payment methods. Bank transfers to the Skrill account, which have been free for a long time, are no longer free of fees.

    The possibilities for payouts are much more manageable. Existing credit can only be paid out by bank transfer and Visa credit cards, but not at each time.

    Fees in payment transactions

    Registration and receiving money is free at Skrill. Likewise, use in most online shops. at Online game stores And casinos need to be clarified whether a fee independent of Skrill may be. Unfortunately, this is the case with quite a few providers. Skrill itself charges fees for all other transactions. If the account is to be charged, one percent of the deposit amount is due. Also one percent of the amount, but a maximum of ten euros, the money shipping outside of online shopping costs another email address.

    A flat rate of 5.50 $ costs a payment by bank transfer and if you request money to your credit card, you will even be asked to checkout at 7.50 euros.
    The individual fees that have changed over time and could continue to be designed differently in the future can always be viewed in the current form on the Skrill website.

    Skrill in the online casino-be careful with the bonus offers

    Skrill is one of the established payment forms on the Internet that have long been standard for bookmakers and casinos. In two points it applies to the use of Skrill in terms of Gambling But to be careful. On the one hand, quite a few providers for Skrill deposits require a fee in the low
    single -digit percentage range. Payments are also not generally free of charge. On the other hand, new customers who want to make their first deposit via Skrill are often excluded from the welcome offers. The same applies to the related service Neteller.

    The background is probably that in the past there have been bonus fraud more often via both e-wallets. Because, for example, Skrill deposits cannot be assigned to a credit card or a bank account from a recipient perspective, many providers have excluded payments in this way directly from the bonus offers for reasons of self-protection.

    Advantages of Skrill

    Skrill has, for example, with the sometimes not very low fees and the exclusion of many bonus offers, also disadvantages compared to other payment forms, but also combines a number of advantages. Skrill is far-reaching in particular in the area of online gambling and enables a very quick money transfer. In addition, withdrawals can also be requested to a Skrill account. And the whole thing runs with a high degree of discretion, since no information about bank details or credit card number goes to the casino operator.

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