Instant bank transfer

    Not only, but especially in Online game stores If a quick money transfer is in great demand, you usually want to plunge directly into pleasure without much loss. In order to fill the casino account within a few moments, there are now a number of options to choose from. Also the Instant bank transfer counts me in this category to my almost explanatory name. Reason enough to deal in detail with this type of lightning -fast payment.

    What is an instant transfer? Information and facts about the payment provider

    The Swedish has stood since 2014 Payment service provider Clear Behind the Sofortüberweisung. After the acquisition of previous AG, which previously also operated under Paynet AG and Payment Network AG, it was converted into a GmbH. Otherwise, not much has changed in the nature of the number form even under the new roof.

    The portfolio of the immediate GmbH also includes other services, but the figurehead is clearly the Sofortüberweisung, which has acquired many users since its introduction in 2006. Since January 2018, so -called payment losses, which include instant transfers in particular, have also been subject to banking supervision and have thus again gained reputation.

    As already indicated, contrary to the name, it is not really an immediate transfers, but the dealer is only confirmed that the customer has made the payment. Ultimately, however, the payee can actually get the money and provide the consideration directly without delay- be it in the form of a shipping company or by credit a deposit amount on a casino or
    Wettknonto. The big advantage is that there is no waiting time for the customer or paying.

    Security & seriousness

    The Swedish company Klarna as a provider of Sofortüberweisung cooperates with more than 200,000 online retailers. The mere fact that the Klarna services are so well received speaks for the company’s seriousness. The Sofortüberweisung itself is considered to be particularly safe. Not least because transactions with the usual access data for online banking are made at the house bank.

    On the one hand, access is secured with the PIN, while on the other hand, no payment can be made without TAN. The payment data used during the payment process are also only transmitted to the immediate GmbH, but not to the payee, for example the online casino. That secure connections To be used, it goes without saying. After all, the certification is also unmistakable signs of the reliability of the offer
    through the TÜV Saarland. the TÜV seal “Certified data protection” and “Tested payment system” Should the last doubts about secure immediate transfers.

    Online payments with Sofortüberweisung-so it works

    The functionality of immediate transfers in the online casino is quickly explained. In menu deposits can usually be selected between several, different payment options. If you choose the Sofortüberweisung, which is often only presented immediately with a company logo, after entering the deposited deposit amount, an external forwarding is made directly in the browser.

    There it continues directly on the immediate website with entering the personal bank details. If the bank has been chosen, a login is possible with normal online banking access data. A TAN is also awarded on the usual path. In this way, the transfer will be initiated directly, while Sofort GmbH informs the online casino that the payment is on the move. The deposit amount is standing Then immediately for Casino games to disposal.

    Meanwhile, one has to be clear that instant transfers such as transfers generally cannot be undone. At most, there is a short chance of your own bank as long as the booking has not been made. Otherwise, it is important to request a repayment from the payee. With an online casino, the amount deposited can of course also be paid out directly-subject to bonus conditions, of course.

    A – and withdrawals with Sofortüberweisung

    Deposits via Sofortüberweisung are possible with most online casinos. It should be noted, however, that, as with other payment routes, there can be a deposit minimum. If available, this is usually in a low range often ten euros. Meanwhile, the possibility is much less common to have any profits or no longer required casino credit with immediate transfers paid out. Most casinos do not offer these payment form intended primarily for purchases and deposits for payouts, but instead pay by classic bank transfer that can take a few days.

    Fees in payment transactions

    Immediate GmbH does not provide its services free of charge, but usually calculates the payments to the payee. In addition to basic fees, each transaction costs 0.9 percent of the sum 0.25 euros. As a casino customer, you usually don’t get it with you that fees are due. However, it is possible that casinos calculate your own fees for certain payment forms or to transfer the immediate transfer fees to the customer. If this is the case, the casinos show this transparently.

    Sofortüberweisung in the online casino-information about bonus offers

    It is not uncommon for the welcome bonus offer to be the decisive factor in which casino a registration takes place. In this context, it should be noted that not every casino grants a bonus for each payment form. For example, initial payments are often via Skrill and Neteller excluded from bonus offers.

    There are no such limits for the instant transfer. At least we are not aware of any case in which initial payments in this way are not explicitly not included in a new customer offer. To be on the safe side, however, it is advisable to study the bonus conditions before the first deposit.

    Advantages of Sofortüberweisung

    The biggest advantage of immediate transfers is already part of the name. The fact that a payment is made immediately and the consideration can therefore also be made without waiting is a big . In comparison to Skrill or Neteller, which also enable flash -fast payment, it is also positive that no registration or no account is necessary – just like the counterpart Trustly. Instead, the existing online banking can be used without complications. And because in this way the Sofort GmbH experiences the bank details as a service provider, but not the payee, the whole thing is also anonymous at least with regard to the online casino.

    A very coherent overall package without a real disadvantage rounds the fact that immediate transfers are possible with almost every American bank account and in most cases do not apply. If you have to choose a different way, you should be overturned in any case.

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