As Trustly has a modern payment service provider made a name in recent years. Especially in the area of onlineGambling, from which other providers such as PayPal have at least temporarily withdrawn. The number of trustly users has been growing continuously for a long time and an end to this development is not in sight at first.

    Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the provider and explain what Trustly is and how the service works.

    What is Trustly? Information and facts about the payment provider

    The Trustly Group was founded in Stockholm in 2008 and has widened far beyond the Swedish home market since 2010. The company is still the headquarters, but there are also branches in London, Barcelona and Cologne and in Sliema on Malta. Through the Cooperation with over 3300 banks Can Trustly be used within the entire European Union and beyond.

    The basic service is easy to understand and resembles it Instant bank transfer. After choosing Trustly as a numerical form in an online shop or an online casino the forwarding is carried out to the Trustly websiteon which your own bank can be selected. As with normal online banking, entering the access data is then required. If there are several accounts at a bank, it must be selected which account the
    Payment should be made. In order to complete the transaction, confirmation with the desired authentication method is necessary.

    Trustly forwards the payment amount to the respective recipient after receipt, but immediately reports that payment has been made by the customer. In order to a shipping of goods can be initiated immediately or paid money is in the Online game stores available without waiting.

    Security & seriousness

    Trusty and absolute security in the handling of transactions are basic prerequisites for every payment service provider who wants to establish itself on the market. The fact that Trustly has long since succeeded is related to the fact that the Swedish company in terms of Seriousness and transparency high demands on yourself places and fully meets it.

    The reliability is documented by a number of licenses and certificates. Long before in 2018 a certification in terms of data protection by the American TÜV Saarland Added, there was a license of the Swedish financial supervisory authority before. And membership in the European Payment Institution Federation (EPIF) also only gain payment providers of high and proven quality.

    Payments with Trustly

    No registration is required to pay online with Trustly. If the Swedish company’s own bank is, apart from most financial institutions in USA, the login data is sufficient for personal online banking. As soon as a payment has been authorized using a pin or TAN, the transaction has already been completed.

    However, payments withdrawing from the bank account are possible via Trustly, but it is also possible to have money paid out. The principle is the same, just vice versa. If a payment is requested, for example in the online casino, Trustly acts as a stopover, but usually forwards the money by lightning transfer and thus very quickly. For example, profits made in the casino are often available in the bank account after less than an hour.

    Fees in payment transactions

    There are now some providers to choose from for the seconds of money transfers. Often, however, fees are due and even in several places. If you choose Trustly, on the other hand, you can be sure that deposits and withdrawals generally do not cost anything.

    In any case, Trustly himself carries out payment transactions completely free of charge, which is only the case with other providers at first glance. For example, Skrill and Neteller correctly ask for the cash register if profits are to be booked to the bank account. Such perhaps not recognizable costs at first do not apply to Trustly. Only a few casinos require their own fees for deposits or withdrawals in this way. However, these providers can be avoided thanks to the many alternatives.

    Trustly im Online-Casino

    Especially in the area Gambling the number of trustly payments has increased significantly in the recent past. Of course not without reason. On the one hand, a big payment service provider like PayPal At least temporarily completely withdrawn from the casinos, while other e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller are often burdened with fees or excluded from bonus offers. On the other hand, Trustly also convinces with one simple and free usability.

    In addition, however, in Sweden you have a specially on the service Trustly Pay N Play Online-Casinos tailored offer. Behind it is an innovative payment system with which one in cooperating casinos also also Verification of customer data which then does not have to be carried out when requesting a payment. This means that profits can be paid easily and much faster.
    Instead of sending out personal documents, the data required for authentication is transmitted directly by Pay N Play.

    Regardless of this, as a new customer in the casino, you can usually have one with a Trustly payment Casino Bonus to back up. It is very rare that Trustly customers are excluded from bonus offers. Rather, some casinos even exist from time to time Special trustly bonuses For existing customers with which one can also secure a allowance for repeated deposits.

    Advantages of Trustly

    In the meantime, many payment service providers are characterized by very fast transactions. Trustly can also score with this, but the service from Sweden also puts many other payment providers in the shade. Especially because that no credit card or e-wallet necessary are to instruct a payment. Rather, the bank account, including the already existing access data, is sufficient, so that the administrative effort is also limited.

    The non -accusing fees and the Safety guarantees through various certificates or licenses There are other advantages for money transfer. Likewise, payments are possible in the same way. This is particularly a big in online casinos, which is closely related to many cooperations in the gaming sector. The service pay n Play specially developed for casino payments, of course, does not play an insignificant role.

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