The speed of the Internet has created numerous modern payment methods since the turn of the millennium. However, not everyone could establish themselves and sometimes disappeared after a short time. This fate is not only spared PayPal, but rather that is in its origins Already in 1998 e-wallet developed with almost 300 million users worldwide in its area of the market leader.
    Reason enough to deal with PayPal in detail and also in relation to Online game stores To present PayPal more precisely.

    What is PayPal? Information and facts about the payment provider

    A merger of the forerunner companies Confinity and created PayPal in 2000 in San Jose California. After already positive beginnings, PayPal received a large boost with the overturning through eBay. From this point on, the development to the market leader really picked up speed. In the course of this, PayPal expanded to all important countries and became a standard payment method in many online shops.

    In 2015 the separation from Ebay and an IPO took place. Since then, PayPal has been managed as a separate share on Nasdaq and has long been a success story independently of eBay. PayPal is an electronic wallet, also called e-wallet. The central point at PayPal is the e-mail address that all payments go. Both shipping and receiving money are possible.

    However, the most common is the use as an online payment, which is enough to enter the email address and the associated password. However, the prerequisite for this is that a bank account or a credit card was previously linked to the PayPal account. In turn, PayPal attracts the money more or less laid out when paying for payment. The big advantage of this concept is that payment is made immediately and delivery times can be significantly shortened. And even those who use the online Casino PayPal can have the credit deposited immediately afterwards.

    Security & seriousness

    In addition to the speed of payment processing, it is a great advantage of PayPal that No sensitive data such as the bank details or credit card number are necessary for the payment process are. As well as the encryption technology that is always up to date, this contributes to the fact that you don’t have to worry about security at PayPal.

    The award awarded by the TÜV Saarland as a secure online payment tool also speaks for itself. Especially with online purchases, is also The buyer protection is a very customer -friendly institution. If the online casino PayPal is used, buyer protection has not been in effect since 2016. The reason for this was apparently attempts to abuse of customers who recovered gambling losses from PayPal and sometimes even got right in court.

    This is how PayPal deposits work in the online casino

    If an online casino PayPal accepts, deposits could hardly be made easier. In the first step, it is sufficient to select PayPal as a payment option in the corresponding PayPal menu. This is followed by an external forwarding to the PayPal website, in which the payment must be confirmed by clicking on the mouse after a login with an email address and password. Within a few moment, the money paid should be available in the casino.

    Online Casino PayPal provider

    It is currently not possible to pay as a American casino customer with PayPal. After the company exposed PayPal buyer protection for casino payments in 2016, individuals were initially Online casinos blocked for PayPal payments. Since October 2019, American players can no longer pay their missions via PayPal. The reasons for this are officially not known. On the one hand, however, it has been for a long time that PayPal is reluctant to Gambling want to stand. On the other hand, in relation to USA, however, it is also conceivable that the design of the coming Gambling State Treaty is waited for.

    Anyone who prefers to be a number form in the online casino PayPal must currently look for alternatives at the moment and at least until further notice. For real-time payments, however, there are now among other things Skrill, Neteller, Giropay or the Instant bank transfer Various other options to choose from.

    Bonus for PayPal deposits

    Since no payments are generally accepted in this way, there is also no PayPal bonus. In the past, when an online casino PayPal was basically available as a payment method, but usually also from Casino Bonus granted.

    Fees at PayPal

    Registration with PayPal is fundamentally free of charge as use as a buyer, whereby payments in a currency other than in $ can be excluded. Otherwise, fees are due, but only Casumod the seller or payee. In rare cases, online shops occur to the buyer and require a small surcharge for PayPal payments. If you want to use in the online casino PayPal, you should clarify in advance whether fees are incurred. This is regulated differently from provider to provider and can be the case.

    Payouts via PayPal

    Payings via PayPal are completely complicated, but Only on a stored and verified bank account or a corresponding credit card. If you have credit on a PayPal account, you can easily book it with a click of the mouse. A few days can pass before the money is available in the bank account or credit card. Payouts via classic bank transfer are free of charge. For an instant transfer and for
    A debit on a credit card charges PayPal a fee of one percent of the payout amount, but at least 0.25 $ and a maximum of 10.00 euros.

    Advantages of PayPal

    The biggest advantages of PayPal are certainly the Speed and the comfort of the payment processing. To be able to pay with a click of the mouse makes online shopping a pleasure, especially since a burden on the bank account can only take place 14 days later. Of the Buyer protection is another big , thanks to which you don’t have to worry if the seller remains guilty of consideration. And last but not least, PayPal enables its users one reasonably anonymous payment, the stored bank or credit card details are not passed on for transactions.

    As already mentioned, you cannot currently pay in online casinos with PayPal. Here we have a number of providers that you have one Casino bonus without deposit grant. Try it.

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